The Hardee's Guard Battalion is a Civil War reenacting organization based in the Southeastern United States. Members from Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee make up the units within the battalion.

The battalion is a large and growing unit - we currently have over 100 members from all over the Southeast. Though we are very serious in the field, we will accommodate everyone from campaigners to garrison/family camping. In camp we are relaxed and laid back, and enjoy one another’s company. We portray the Confederates under the command of William J. Hardee's Corps in the Army of Tennessee. The battalion also portrays a Federal impression of the 23rd Kentucky. The battalion works with Longstreet's Corps in the Army of Northern Virginia when participating in eastern events and is a member of Cleburne's Division. For more information about us click here.

The HGB actively seeks new members. We are willing to assist anyone with an interest in reenacting. Many of us have extra equipment that a new recruit may borrow until he can acquire the gear he may need. We encourage people to "try out" the unit for a weekend - we’ll outfit them for an event to see if reenacting is something they want to pursue.

To get information about becoming a member of the Hardee's Guard Battalion, contact one of the following company's staff:

48th Alabama Infantry - Northeast Alabama
Captain Caleb Benefield

16th Georgia - Northwest Georgia (Ringgold)
Captain Frederick Ufford

34th Georgia Infantry - Northeast Georgia (Canton)
Captain Andrew Hartley

37th Georgia Infantry - Northwest Georgia (Chickamauga/Chattanooga)
Captain Owen Suits
63rd Tennessee Infantry - Eastern Tennessee
Captain Perry Hill


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Interview with Terry Hancock of Hardee's Guard




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